Hairstylist Kristy Kladzyk – Rezo Certified | Curl by Curl Lorraine Massey Certified | Cut it Kinky Alumni | Devacurl Level 3| Devacurl Art of Texture Certified | Devacurl Curl Confidential Certified with Dennis Silva (co-founder of Devacurl) | Razor Cutting with Jayne Mathews

Kristy Kladzyk is the “Queen of Curls”. Her clients come from all over the map for her knowledge and expertise for their curls. Whether you need a Curly Haircut that will change your life or a Detox Transformation, book with Kristy and see for yourself how she can teach you to love and care for your curls!

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Jacob Greenfield, Salon Manager – Eufora Educator | Deva Curl Certified | Rezo Cut Certified | Curl by Curl Certified by Lorraine Massey : Level 2

Jacob Greenfield graduated from Cosmetology school in 2014 and continues to further his education in hair every chance he can. He enjoys education so much that in 2016 he became a Technical Educator for Eufora International. Jacob specializes in highlights, balayage, curly hair, and precision cutting, but loves all things hair. He strongly believes in preserving the integrity of the hair, and is a strong advocate of using high quality products to keep the hair beautiful in and out of the salon.

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Gina (Martha) Ceja – Master Colorist | Rezo Certified |DevaCurl Specialist : Level 3

Gina (Martha) Ceja has over 25 years of experience and has developed a personable approach to hair design. Gina is a master colorist at Studio Within who is well-versed in all types of color techniques, highlights, as well as Pintura highlights for curly hair. She is also a curly girl specialist receiving Deva Curl’s Level 3 certification, which is their highest level of curl expertise. She always looks forward to helping you look and feel your best all the time.

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shyShyanne Whittle – Colorist | DevaCurl Specialist : Level 1

Shyanne Whittle graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Chicago in 2015. Shyanne thrives most while doing color and curly haircuts. While all colors have their place with Shyanne, she has a love for blondes and fantasy colors. Along with cutting and coloring, she is certified in tape-in extensions. Shyanne wants to make each client feel their best inside and out of the salon.

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Jade Bialczak – Hairstylist | Rezo Cut Certified | 

Deva Curl Certified : Level 1

Jade Bialczak decided to become a hairstylist nearly 15 years ago. Over the years Jade has worked with highly skilled and experienced hair stylists’ where she developing her unique style. She is very a great listener, very creative and always open for new ideas. Jade specializes in cutting long and short hair, highlighting, low-lighting and rooting for a natural look. Education is very important to her and she continues to grow and learn new techniques, and she recently attended Vidal Sassoon Academy enhancing her cutting skills.

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Kyra Scheeringa – Hairstylist | DevaCurl Specialist : Level 1

Kyra is a licensed cosmetologist specializing in healthy hair care. She received her education from Tricoci University in 2014. Kyra has been passionate about natural hair, hair styling, as well as color for years. Her main goal is to have her clients’ trust, and leave satisfied with their experience. She is unique in that she is experienced with all hair textures.

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Massage Therapists

nicNic Sinople – Massage Therapist

Nic Sinople received his massage therapy license from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine over 5 years ago. This is where he specialized in a variety of eastern and energy-based modalities in addition to a strong foundation of Swedish style massage. Some of his favorites are performing chakra balancing, which is believed to promote health by maximizing the flow of energy in the body; as well as cupping, which is used for many purposes including helping with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and well-being.




Jeff Espada – Massage Therapist

Jeff Espada graduated from Cortiva in 2016. Jeff specializes in western medicine that focus’ on long term care and maintenance; such as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, myofascial release, rolfing, transverse frictioning, sports and rehab. Through skillful, mindful service, and professional manner Jeff is able to identify and adjust to each clients’ needs, ensuring they are managed effectively, honestly, and individually.



Jackie – Receptionist

Kat – Receptionist